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93 Velocity Pro Axles

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The 93 Velocity Pro Pinewood Derby axles by Derby Evolution are unequaled. The 93 Velocity Pro axles are built to get the maximum performance from your car. Click on the image for more information.

The 93 Velocity Pro Pinewood Derby® axles by Derby Evolution are unequaled. The 93 Velocity Pro axles are built for getting the maximum performance from your Pinewood Derby car. We start by selecting the perfect stainless steel for Pinewood Derby axles, then turn them on the best Swiss C.N.C machines, then they are media polished. They feature an oversized .093″ bearing surface for the perfect wheel hub to axle clearance, superior wheel stability, and unmatched performance. The main shaft is then reduced to a standard size .090″

The 93 Velocity Axles feature:


  • A groove that is designed for both oil and graphite
  • A thicker head on the axle for easier cutting of a tuning groove
  • A groove cut for bending the axle if you are Rail Riding or Rail Running (they are the same thing)
  • A tapered head for the least amount of friction
  • A true .093 where the wheel rides
  • The axle measures .090" where the axle is inserted into the body
  • A tapered point for a no-scratch insertion into the wheel bore and easier inserting into the body
  • The best finish of any axle on the market, making them the easiest to polish
  • Manufactured on state of the art Swiss CNC machines, these axles are second to none
  • The straightest axle on the market
  • Designed and tested by pro racers to be the fastest axles on the market
  • The Derby Evolution Pinewood Derby® line of axles are currently being used by multiple National Champions


The 93 Velocity Pro Pinewood Derby axles measure at .093 where the wheel bore rides and then reduces down to .090 where it enters the car body. The 93 Velocity Pro axles will require a #43 drill bit when drilling your axles holes.

If your rules allow for aftermarket axles, then you will want to use a set of Derby Evolution axles. If you plan to run oil Derby Evolution recommends either the 93SRG or the 93 Velocity Pro axles.

Make sure to read and understand your derby rules to be sure these axles are legal for your derby.